Boost your fundraiser with a mix and mingle magician

Mix and mingle magic can be one of the best types of entertainment that you can have any type of corporate event, wedding or birthday. This type of magic also known as table magic is especially helpful at any type of fundraiser.

At fundraising events it’s often difficult to get people out and interacting with one another. Mix and mingle magic has a magician working as an almost intermediary between party guests so that any event can have guests that are getting to know each other as well as getting to know the organizers.

Mix and mingle magicians with table magic can be a great draw to bring in perspective guests who may donate to a charitable cause. Having a magician with plenty of unique tricks that can confidently speak to guests and offer a chance for everyone to participate will be a huge asset to securing funds.

It helps with lulls in the evening: If there is a scheduled cocktail hour between the time that a band is going to step on stage and during the time at which the dinner is concluding, a magician can easily step in to provide some entertainment whenever there is a lull. With a wealth of tricks available for guests, a magician can make sure that everyone is well entertained throughout the entire evening.

It is entertainment that’s extremely memorable: When a guest sees a fantastic trick that they feel is impossible, it’s often a moment that sticks with them. Table magic may look like it’s a fairly simple process but some of the tricks can grow quite technical and even completely amaze people with their big reveal. Having a skilled magician that can produce these types of memorable tricks will help people to remember an event or a cause and answer the call again if your fundraiser is an annual event.

If you have a fundraiser coming up and looking for the perfect entertainment, please get in touch.